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Offers of work and volunteering opportunities with Survival in London and San Francisco are posted here. For positions in other offices (Berlin, Paris, Madrid, Milan), please see the Survival website in the relevant language.

Survival does not manage any projects overseas – we do assist some projects with tribal peoples, but these are run by the tribe itself. We do not send volunteers into the field, or sponsor any visitors other than our own staff.

Our resources are very limited and therefore we regret that we cannot reply to applications unless we are interested in pursuing them. We apologize for this. If you apply for a position and do not hear from us within ten days, please assume that we will not be pursuing your application at this time. You are, however, welcome to apply for other positions as they arise.

A genuine commitment to Survival and its work is more important than formal qualifications or a desire to work in the charity sector as a whole.

Software crafter

London, UK

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Is your dream job to work with smart people, grow as a professional, and work on challenging projects that expose you to interesting problems? We offer all of that, plus your work will have a huge impact internationally, as you will be helping Survival International, one of the most exciting human rights organisations around.

What is it like to be a developer at Survival International?

Most of our time is devoted to our multilingual site. It has a monthly site traffic of around 200,000 unique visitors from all around the globe. It has to scale and cope with huge spikes in traffic due to media interest, increase sustainable traffic, and do it without incurring technical debt.

We use mob programming to start new projects and once it has shape and direction we carry on with pair programming. From time to time we may also code solo but we prefer to pair. We follow industry best practices and build everything through TDD and BDD. We don’t merge anything to master until it is reviewed and all tests pass. We work in incremental units and weekly iterations.

Our current tech stack includes Rails, MySQL, several payment APIs, Mailchimp API, Salesforce API, Amazon S3, Vimeo, TLS, Engine Yard hosting, Cloudflare load balancing and DDoS protection, Git, and more. If you don’t have experience with all of these, or any of them puts you off, don’t worry! The web team you’ll be part of is slowly moving to a different tech stack and architecture, and you will contribute suggestions and ideas!

Technical requirements

  • Passion for software engineering and craftsmanship values.
  • Great OO skills and strong design patterns knowledge. Functional programming experience is also welcome.
  • Knowledge of software best practices like refactoring, writing clean and maintainable code, domain-driven design, encapsulation, clean architecture, etc.
  • Experience working with Agile, continuous integration, weekly iterations, code reviews, etc.
  • TDD, BDD, etc. Able to think of a test that forces you to write the code you want. Able not to write any more code than required to make the test pass.
  • Able to do the simplest thing that could possibly work.
  • Strict on keeping a clean git history. Heavy use and deep understanding of rebase, squashing, splitting commits and fixup commits.
  • Able to write commit messages that help document the “why” of the change rather than the “what”, providing useful context when looking at the code months later.
  • We work mainly with Ruby but welcome pretty much any other languages like Elixir, Go, etc.
  • If you have these qualities, we really won’t mind your specific tech stack. We prefer you to have a solid foundation in the principles of good software development.

Non-technical requirements

  • Aware and realistic about own strengths and weaknesses.
  • Excited about new technologies and constantly learning and keeping up to date with the latest trends.
  • The web team is dynamic, collaborative, transparent, and ego-free. We will expect the same from you!
  • Able to see the big picture and focus on what will help provide value to the organization in the long term. You do not get distracted with “busy work” and know how to prioritise tasks that give the most value.
  • We encourage everyone in our web team to speak their mind and express their opinions and concerns as we believe this is the best way for everyone to be on the same page and move forward as a united team.
  • Supportive team member and a team player.
  • Comfortable pairing and mob programming. Works well with others.
  • Our staff is international and discrimination is not tolerated on the grounds of age, ethnicity, faith, gender, sexual orientation. You must be comfortable working with non-technical colleagues, whose expertise lies in other areas.
  • Software craftsmanship training by any of 8th Light, Thoughtbot, ThoughtWorks, Pivotal, and the likes, is an advantage, so if you’ve been trained by them, mention it in the cover letter!
  • We are an international organisation, so if you speak any other languages let us know, as it is an advantage!

Job details and perks

This is an onsite full-time role at our London headquarters. Salary is £30,000-35,000 per annum.

You must have the right to work in the UK.

  • We have a pensions scheme and generous annual leave ( 25 days’ holiday increasing with length of service + public holidays + bonus days over Christmas and New Year ).
  • Being part of a small team, you will not be pigeonholed by your job description. Your voice counts and we welcome your ideas.
  • Your work is at the very foundation of our organization. Keeping our site and services running smoothly across all of our international offices is central to achieving our mission in the most efficient way.
  • We strive to be an equal opportunities employer, with a close-knit and friendly internal culture. We treat our employees well.
  • MacBook Pro or similar.
  • Annual international team get-together.

Interview process

  • 15-20 minute technical chat on Skype
  • Short technical assignment, fixed delivery time: 1 week
  • In-person interview to know more about you, followed by a pair programming test with somebody from the web team
  • Offer & references

How to apply

Send us your application through this form, including your CV and a cover letter explaining why you want to work with us, and why you’re the right candidate. If you have code published online by all means send us a link.

Deadline: September 30th, 2017
Interviews will start on: October 3rd, 2017

Supporter services officer and office administrator

Madrid, Spain

Survival’s Madrid office is looking for an extremely efficient and precise person to join our team in Madrid as a técnico/a de gestión.

Please note that this position is strictly for native Spanish speakers. You will not be considered for the job if you do not have flawless written Spanish and so please think very carefully before applying.

For more information and to apply visit our Spanish-language jobs page →

Volunteer video editor/ producer

London, UK

Are you an experienced video editor/producer who’d like to volunteer at one of the most exciting human rights organizations around? Could you deliver high quality, engaging film and audio-visual projects that communicate the impact of our work?

Film and video are vital to any campaigning organization. We currently produce a series of short videos in-house for the web, and for sharing on social media, but we’re looking for a leap forward in quality and quantity of output.

You will have a strong technical and creative background with a minimum of two to three years’ professional editing experience, preferably with Premiere Pro.

Fully experienced in the entire editing process from envisaging and scripting short film clips to mixing footage, sound design and colour correction, you will also be confident with digitizing footage, outputting various media formats and upload.

We’re hoping to find a long-term volunteer, but as a minimum are seeking a commitment to a couple of days a week for at least three months, as you’ll need to familiarise yourself with our extensive video library.

If you think you can help us, please send your CV and a cover letter to [email protected]

Internships in Press & Fundraising

Berlin, Germany

Survival’s Berlin office is looking for two interns in the fields of press and fundraising. Both positions require you to speak German as a first language and have a working knowledge of English. The positions are suitable for those interested in indigenous rights issues and human rights.

For more information and to apply visit our German-language jobs page →

Volunteer Italian/English translator

London, UK

Are you an experienced Italian/English translator who’d jump at the chance to help grow the global movement for tribal peoples’ rights?

Survival’s International office is seeking applications for volunteers willing to do written translation work on an ad hoc basis. The volunteer translator will ideally be a native English-speaker who is also fluent/proficient in Italian and has experience in translating texts from Italian to English (primarily). They must have also have good organisational skills and attention to detail.

The time commitment will vary as the work is irregular, but is likely to be no more than a few hours per month. Volunteers will be contacted when a translation is needed, and asked whether they are available. Please note that this is an unpaid position, and the volunteer will be expected to work remotely.

If you think you can help us, please send a cover letter highlighting your key skills, and a CV to [email protected] Please also include your likely availability i.e. the maximum time that you are willing to commit to a project and any days or periods in the upcoming months that you will definitely not be available.