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News from 2010

Amazon nomads demand justice

10 Awá Indians have traveled from the Amazon to Brazil's capital, to demand that the authorities protect their land

New wave of violence in West Papua

The Indonesian military and para-military police have launched a violent operation against Papuan tribal people in the Punkak Jaya region.

France to return Maori heads

France's National Assembly voted last week to return 16 tattooed and mummified Maori heads to New Zealand.

Bushmen mark eight years without water

As the world marks World Water Day, the Gana and Gwi Bushmen of Botswana are marking eight years without access to a regular supply of water in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve.

Vedanta mine slammed by Indian government team

A team of experts from the Indian government has released a damning report on the activities of FTSE 100 company Vedanta Resources, and its plans to mine for bauxite on tribal land in Orissa, India.

Vedanta snubs British government again

Vedanta Resources has once again snubbed a British government investigation into its planned mine in Orissa, India, by labelling government calls for a change in its corporate behaviour ‘one-sided’, and urging it to ‘rest the case’.

Legal blow for controversial Andaman tourist resort

Weeks after the last member of the Bo tribe died on the Andaman Islands, an Indian court has moved to protect the neighbouring Jarawa tribe by suspending the operation of a controversial tourist resort.

Stars line up in West End to celebrate tribal peoples

Survival International is proud to announce ‘WE ARE ONE – a celebration of tribal peoples’, a fundraising evening in aid of Survival International created and directed by Mark Rylance, on Sunday 18 April at the Apollo Theatre.

Borneo dams chief under media scrutiny

The CEO of the company overseeing a massive dam project on Penan tribal land in the Malaysian part of Borneo has come under scrutiny in his native Norway over violations of indigenous rights.

Bushmen denied right to vote

Over 400 Bushmen were denied the right to vote in Botswana’s 2009 general election, with five Bushman communities inside the Central Kalahari Game Reserve omitted from the electoral register.

Amnesty slams Vedanta Resources

Amnesty International this week released a report condemning the behaviour of FTSE 100 mining company Vedanta Resources.

Tribal people appeal to James Cameron

Tribal peoples’ rights organization Survival International has appealed to Avatar director James Cameron on behalf of an Indian tribe through an advert in the film industry magazine Variety (published today 9 February 2010).

Extinct: Andaman tribe’s extermination complete as last member dies

Boa Sr, who died last week aged around 85, was the last speaker of ‘Bo’, one of the ten Great Andamanese languages. The Bo are thought to have lived in the Andaman Islands for as much as 65,000 years, making them the descendants of one of the oldest human

Protestors gather at Tiffany stores worldwide

Survival supporters demonstrated today outside Tiffany stores in London, San Francisco, Madrid, Paris and Berlin to protest at the company funding water boreholes for game animals on Bushman land where the people are forbidden access to their own borehole

Tiffany’s target of global Survival protest

Survival supporters will tomorrow demonstrate outside Tiffany stores in five countries to protest at the company funding water boreholes for game animals on Bushman land where the people are forbidden access to their own borehole.

Penan feature in Eden Project oil palm exhibit

A new exhibit at the world famous UK visitor attraction the Eden Project features the Penan of Sarawak and the destruction of their forests to make way for oil palm plantations.

HIV reaches Yanomami in Amazon

Brazil’s National Health Foundation, FUNASA, has confirmed the first case of HIV amongst the Yanomami Indians in northern Brazil.

‘Avatar is real’, say tribal people

Following the film ‘Avatar’’s win at the Golden Globes, tribal people have claimed that the film tells the real story of their lives today.

Avatar is not a fantasy, says Survival

Director James Cameron received his Golden Globes awards for ‘Avatar’ yesterday, and revealed one of the central ideas of the film.